501(c)3 animal rescue group in Sheridan, WY

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We are a volunteer-only rescue organization. Your donation will go directly to the care of the cats, not to employee salaries or benefits.  


See our donation page for more information! 

Recent News

Last year we moved into our very own adoption facility! Rent is $1200 a month including utilities, so we are asking our donors to sign up for a monthly donation to help with this. Every little bit helps!

Second Chance Sheridan Cat Rescue

New! Buy presents for the cats!

Be sure to check out our Amazon.com wish list! Pick out the items you would like to purchase for our cats and Amazon.com will ship them straight to us. Be sure to save your confirmation email because your gift is tax-deductible!

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One special girl!

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Helen | 10 Years old

Helen is one of our most special babies. She was originally dumped at the public animal shelter with her litter of kittens. One by one they were all adopted, leaving Helen by herself. You see, no one wanted to adopt a cat that was born without eyes! But blindness doesn't stop Helen. This tiny five-pound cat is the queen of her foster home, and even the dogs know to give her a wide berth. She is sweet, lovable, and ornery, and we just adore her!

Kitten crew...

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Cuteness overload!

We have a whole boat load of kittens that need good homes. Come and meet them! Ages range from 8 weeks old to one year (and their moms need loving homes, too!).



What is "special-needs"?

Aren't all cats special?

While we agree that all cats have a "special" place in our hearts, some of the cats we rescue need extra rehabiliation, and some of them may never be adoptable and will remain at our sanctuary. These may include blind cats, deaf cats, amputees, cats with neurological deficits, and cats with extreme emotional trauma. We give these cats special care for the length of their lives, and your monthly sponsorship helps pay for that care!

Happy New Families

"Dexter is the perfect addition to our family. Thank you so much!

-Suzie & co.

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"Thank you for bringing Cubby into our lives, we love him so much!"

-Rochelle and Family

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